Sweet Murder Trial: Day 2

The murder trial of Isaiah Sweet will continue on Monday at 9 am after an interesting end to the day. The witnesses called to the stand today included Iowa City police officer Matt Ties, counselor Candace Walker, Manchester police officers Jim Hauschild and Rick Carnicle, Amanda Kilgore with the DCI Lab, Victor Marila with the State Crime Lab, Associate State Medical Examiner Dr. Jonathan Thompson, DCI Special Agent Michael McVey and computer forensic investigator Ward Crowley. Many photos of the alleged murder scene and the dead bodies were submitted to the jury as evidence today. And the day ended with a twist – Sweet’s attorneys are filing for a mistrial after the last witness, Ward Crowley, testified he found images of child pornography on a computer in the home. Both parties agreed it would not be brought up and doesn’t relate to the case. Judge Michael Shubatt will make a ruling on the mistrial Monday.

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