Manchester Home Engulfed by Fire

A Manchester home became engulfed in flames Wednesday afternoon. It happened at the home of Kenny and Vonda Billhorn at 212 East Union Street. Their daughter, Gloria Kluesner, says she, Vonda and several other family members were inside the home at the time. She says they were moving a stove, which led damaged the gas line. That led to a gas leak, which sparked a fire. Everyone got out of the home safely. Manchester Police Chief Bruce Trapp says flames were shooting out of the home when emergency personnel arrived. Smoke was still pouring out of the roof over an hour later, with firefighters from Manchester, Ryan and Delhi still making their way in and out of the home to get the fire out. The Delaware and Earlville Fire Departments were also called to the scene. Kluesner believes the home is totaled. Manchester Fire Chief Mike Ryan says the home and its contents sustained extensive smoke, heat and water damage. Al Remling, a local volunteer with the Red Cross, says they have been called in to assist the family. Kenny was just admitted into Hospice in Hiawatha on Tuesday, so Remling says they’ll likely to try to find housing in the Hiawatha area for Vonda as well.

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