Pavement Work Finished at New Spiegel Subdivision

The Spiegel subdivision on the west end of Manchester has been seeing some progress. Nate Kass, Project Engineer with Fehr Graham, says the pavement work is finished. Crosswalks will be installed and the rest of the sidewalks will be added as each lot gets developed. He says the rest of the dirt work is expected to start before the end of the month, which includes final shaping along Highway 13 and new streets, as well as the installation of the detention pond on the south end along Highway 20. Even though the pavement is in, the road is not officially opened. And there haven’t been any new details released on what may be going up in the subdivision. Kass says developer A.J. Spiegel technically cannot sell any lots until the final plat is filed with the City, and the City will not accept the final plat until all the dirt work is done.

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