Traffic Count Expected on Section of Firefly Road

Some residents along Firefly Road north of Manchester are still waiting for word on a traffic count. A few months ago, Tom Porter, Bill Rave and several other residents along a stretch of the road voiced concerns to the Delaware County Board of Supervisors regarding the road’s safety and requested that the Board authorize the road to be either paved or seal-coated. The County said a traffic count would be taken on the road, but the residents hadn’t heard any news. County Engineer Anthony Bardgett says he thought the DOT placed a traffic counter close to the Firefly Road/Highway 13 intersection within the last month or so, but he also has not heard anything from them regarding a traffic count. He plans on purchasing his own traffic counter in the near future. As for the condition of Firefly Road, Bardgett feels that it has improved significantly since the County began grading it twice a week. He says he will never recommend seal coating the road because seal coating doesn’t hold up, especially in areas that are shaded with high moisture content like this road. And funds for paving Firefly Road are not in the County’s budget. Bardgett plans to follow up with Rave and Porter when he receives the traffic count information.

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