Manchester Whitewater Park Project Bringing in Entrepreneurs

Whitewater ParkAs you may have heard here on KMCH, the Manchester Whitewater Park project was awarded a 300-thousand dollar grant from the Vision Iowa Board Wednesday. A lot of people have wondered what the set-up for this whitewater park will be downtown on the Maquoketa River… City Manager Tim Vick says there will actually be a couple of insert points.

WW Grant 4

The whitewater park is expected to open in 2015.

WW Grant 5

Vick says the whitewater park project is already revitalizing the downtown, bringing in a couple entrepreneurs.

WW Grant 6

You can find out more about this nearly one-point-eight million dollar project by logging on to the City of Manchester’s website at or by going to the Manchester Whitewater Park Facebook page.

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