Cold Blast of Air Moving In…

cold imageThe coldest air of the season is moving in just in time for the weekend… Temperatures will fall as we head into Saturday, bringing a blast of very cold air. National Weather Service Meteorologist Roger Vachalek:


KCRG meteorologist Kaj O’Mara tells KMCH that Saturday’s Iowa and Iowa State football games will be the coldest games in twenty or thirty years. The coldest high on record for an Iowa home football game was 27 degrees back in 1981… ┬áSaturday’s temperature at kickoff is predicted to be 19 degrees, with wind chills around zero. O’Mara stresses the importance of layering up, protecting your fingertips and toes and listening to your body for signs of numbness and tingling if you’ll be at the football games or outdoor for long periods of time this weekend.

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