Community Challenged to Raise $4,000 for “Second Helpings”

sec helpingsSecond Helpings is putting out a challenge to the Manchester community. Coordinator Tina Mead says she’s hoping the community will help them raise four-thousand dollars by the end of the year.

SH Challenge 0

Second Helpings is a program that was started seven years ago in Manchester.

SH Challenge 1

The meal is held every Monday night at Manchester United Methodist Church, with doors opening at 4:30 pm and serving starting at 5:30 pm. Second Helpings relies entirely on donations.

SH Challenge 2

The program gets help from volunteers, including high school kids, 4-H clubs, church groups, area banks, and community groups. If you’d like to volunteer with Second Helpings, or if you’d like to donate food or money to the program, contact Tina Mead at 927-4439 or email

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