Dundee Man Faces Charges in Last Week’s Hit-and-Run in Dyersville

police-lightsA Dundee man faces charges for leading Dyersville Police on a short chase, ramming a police car and leaving the scene of an accident on Thanksgiving morning. The Iowa State Patrol says 22-year old Nathan West was the driver in the incident. A Dyersville police officer tried stopping West as he drove his pickup truck down Fourth Avenue Southeast around 7 am last Thursday, but West refused to stop, only traveling about 25 miles an hour. He drove through a stop sign and was struck by a car at the intersection. West then backed up and rammed the police car, leaving it disabled. He was able to drive away, but the Iowa State Patrol tells KMCH West was identified as the driver the next day. West faces several charges, including Failing to Obey a Stop Sign, Failing to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. More charges are pending. The police officer, Dan Recker, and the driver of the other car, 27-year old Kathryn Glanz of Dyersville, were not hurt in the hit-and-run.

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