Lake Delhi Restoration Timeline on Track

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Lake Delhi Trustees and the Delaware County Board of Supervisors have been making significant progress in bringing better public access to Lake Delhi. The Trustees are working with Delaware County to finalize proposed enhancements to the Turtle Creek Cove area that will improve public access and enhance amenities and the overall experience at the lake for visitors and property owners. The Lake Delhi District and Delaware County will share the cost on this project. The plan includes a recreational beach, added fishing areas, a relocated and enhanced boat ramp, expanded parking, additional restrooms, and an expanded boat access allowing taller boats to access Lake Delhi with a new taller bridge. A draft aerial view of the proposed revamped Turtle Creek Cove area can be found in this month’s Lake Delhi newsletter. The Trustees say the timeline for Lake Delhi’s return is on track. They have been waiting to receive a federal permit since this fall, but several delays, including the unforeseen shutdown of the federal government, have slowed down the process. The Trustees say if they receive the federal permit shortly, they anticipate bidding could go out in late January or early February, which would get Phase One construction going in the early spring. They says they’re also on track for Phase Two construction at Lake Delhi to start in the spring, with workers having the entire construction season to finish the dam and spillway. The Trustees and Supervisors will meet again for another work session on the Turtle Creek public access issue Wednesday at 2:30 pm in the Supervisors’ office at the courthouse.

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