Delaware County Jail Vote Pushed Back to May

jailA special election on the proposed Delaware County Jail renovation and expansion project is being pushed back until possibly May. The Delaware County Board of Supervisors met with Sheriff John LeClere last week to discuss the proposed jail project and decided they weren’t quite ready for a March election. An ad-hoc committee was formed last summer to help the County inform the public about the proposed project, but the committee has only met once or twice since that time. The County wanted to hold public meetings in towns around the county to inform the public about the proposed jail project as well, but that hasn’t happened yet either. Sheriff LeClere has asked for the County to provide him with clear direction on what is expected from the committee and whether they’ll need to provide a recommendation or final report to the County Supervisors. Both the Supervisors and Manchester Mayor Milt Kramer say they have received numerous phone calls from committee members asking for a meeting. The Supervisors plan to hold a meeting with the ad-hoc committee in the near future, as well as a meeting with the Manchester City Council to discuss the proposed project. The Board would need to file for a vote in March to hold a special election in May.

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