KMCH and Smitty’s Honor ‘Valued Volunteers’

KMCH and Smitty’s Valued Volunteers were honored Wednesday night at a special banquet. The two businesses joined together last March to begin the Valued Volunteers program, which honors those in the area who give back to their communities. An individual or group was chosen each month from a long list of nominations sent in by our listeners. Deb Hamblin, who received the most nominations last year, was named our Valued Volunteer in September.

Val Volunt 1

Pat Becker was named our Valued Volunteer in November. She says the key to volunteering is finding something you love to do.

Val Volunt 2

Sue McCormack, who was our first Valued Volunteer in March, says volunteering is something she grew up with.

Val Volunt 3

Al Remling, Jody King, Alison Winn, Jo Schreck, Leo Monaghan, the Delaware County Fair Board and the Delaware County Master Gardeners were also named Valued Volunteers in 2013. And we are keeping the program going this year… If you know of someone who deserves to be nominated for their volunteering efforts, you can nominated them by logging onto – just go to the KMCH tab and click on the Valued Volunteers link. Nomination forms are also available at the KMCH Studios.

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