Lukan Says President’s Marijuana Comments Send Mixed Message

Steve LukanThe director of the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy says President Barrack Obama’s recent remark that marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol is another mixed message sent by the administration. Steve Lukan says the president’s remark makes it tough on those who’re trying to warn young people about the dangers of drugs.


Lukan says the statistics from his office show the problems with marijuana use.


The president also said he told his daughters they should not use pot.


The president’s remarks came in reference to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Lukan says the actions in Colorado have an impact on Iowa.


The O-D-C-P director says parents can make a difference in their child’s decision regarding the use of marijuana and other drugs by talking the time to talk with them about it.


Speakers on both sides of the issue have visited Iowa recently. Lukan sent a letter to the U-S Justice Department earlier this year says the department’s decision to not enforce its federal drug laws in the states of Washington and Colorado has made the drug fight in Iowa tougher. Efforts in the Iowa Legislature to pass a medical marijuana law have failed.

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