Short Supply of Propane Leading to High Prices

propaneHave you tried purchasing propane this week? Prices are on the rise because of short supplies… And it’s having a big effect on local residents, as well as local organizations like Operation New View who are there to help local residents in need. On Wednesday, figures from the Iowa Department of Agriculture showed propane prices hit a new record high of two-dollars and 61-cents a gallon. On Thursday, local prices shot up to over four dollars a gallon.¬†Sheila Freiburger at Operation New View in Manchester says the increase in prices were quite a shock.

Propane Prices 1

The U.S. Energy Information Administration says the severely cold weather we’ve seen over the past few weeks paired with the increased demand for crop drying in November has led to the short supply and high price of propane.

Propane Prices 2

Freiburger says Operation New View serves about seven hundred local households and about a third of those homes use propane.

Propane Prices 3

If you’d like to help local families in need who are short on propane, you can make donations to Operation New View and tell them that you want the money to be used for that specific use. Freiburger says Operation New View cannot collect used equipment like electric heaters, but those are items that you could always bring to a friend or family member who is need of help heating their homes.

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