Jones County Snowmobilers Help Rescue Stranded Motorists

snowchasers2Sunday’s blizzard left dozens of motorists stranded in their vehicles on snow-covered roads and highways… The conditions were too much for some local authorities to handle, leading some of them to call in local snowmobile clubs to help rescue the motorists. Iowa State Snowmobile Association President Jim Willey of Delhi says snowmobile clubs across the state step up to help out whenever needed.

Snow Rescues 1

Willey says the local Snow Pioneers Snowmobile Club wasn’t called out Sunday night, but they have helped with snowstorm rescues in Delaware County in the past. The Snow Chasers Snowmobile Club in Jones County played a big role in rescuing stranded motorists during this blizzard. Calls started coming in around 6 o’clock Sunday night of people stranded in their vehicles along Highway 64. Two adults were rescued from one car, then a teenager and her grandma… even a request to pick up a deputy from his house so he could get into work for his shift. Snowmobiles also assisted with rescues on Highway 1 just south of Fairview, with at least eight vehicles and semi stuck on the road. The snowmobiler, Jeremy Petsche, tried stopping other vehicles from going down the highway, but they kept going and got stuck too. It took about four hours to get seventeen drivers to safety.

Snow Rescues 2

Snow Chasers members in Cedar County also contacted their county officials to offer their rescue services during this blizzard, and the Cresco Driftrunners rescued motorists on Highway 9 during the storm as well.

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