Cold Weather Causing Frozen Water Service Lines

burst_frozen_water_lineThis winter has been unusually harsh – and the prolonged cold temperatures are causing problems for water lines and sewer mains. Residents all over eastern Iowa have been dealing with frozen water service lines, many of whom have never before had that problem. In Manchester, a number of property owners have reported frozen water service lines over the past few weeks. City Manager Tim Vick says there are some precautions residents can take to help prevent frozen water lines…

Frozen Water 3

Area towns such as Dyersville, Monticello and Lamont have also been reporting problems with water services lines freezing. Monticello City Administrator Doug Herman says some of the property owners in Monticello are choosing to run at least a trickle of water to keep their water and sewer lines open. Officials say even with the recent thaw, it doesn’t mean the problem will go away – they suggest to keep your faucet running at a trickle until further notice.


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