Manchester Plans to Help Assist with Residents’ Water Bills

faucetManchester residents will likely see some help from the City with their water bills. For the past few weeks, the City of Manchester and other area towns have been asking residents to run their water to help prevent their water lines from freezing. The frost in the ground has been so deep this year that many water service lines – which run from homes to the city streets – have been freezing. Over the last few weeks, more than 170 property owners in Manchester have notified the City that their service lines have frozen. The City’s Water/Sewer Committee has come up with a plan to provide assistance to residents, and while the City Council is on board, it has yet to be officially approved. Under the proposed plan, Manchester residents would be able to receive assistance with their March and April water bills (note that it’s not for the February water bills that are coming out this week). The City plans to waive any water and sewer consumption that’s over double the normal average usage. The average usage will be based on the prior water bills from November, December and January. For example, if a home averages four-thousand gallons of water usage a month, but has 21-thousand gallons usage on their March bill, then thirteen-thousand gallons of water usage would be waived and their bill would be based on eight-thousand gallons of usage. If an account averages ten-thousand gallons a month, but has 19-thousand gallons of usage on their March bill, they will not receive any reduction in their bill because their consumption would have to double before a reduction would kick in. Manchester residents will need to contact City Hall by the payment due date on their March and April water bills if they would like to receive assistance. The credit will be applied after the utility bills have been calculated and sent out for payment.

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