Totally Trivial Trivia

4/21/17What did Geraldo Rivera do on this day in 1986 on live tv that didn't quite go as planned?He opened Al Capone's vault, to reveal nothing!
4/20/17Name Clint Howard's character on "The Andy Griffith Show"Leon
4/19/17Who is Kate Hudson's famous actress mother?Goldie Hawn. Her father is Bill Hudson from the "Hudson Brothers".
4/14/17Sarah Michelle Gellar won an Emmy for her work on what soap opera?All My Children
4/13/17Name Ron Perlman's character on "Sons of Anarchy"Clay Morrow
4/12/17Name Ed O'Neill's character on "Modern Family" Jay Pritchett
4/11/17What year was the Apple I computer introduced?1976
4/10/17What did inventor Walter Hunt receive a patent for on this day in 1849The Safety Pin
4/7/17Who gave Don Rickles the nickname "Mr. Warmth"? Johnny Carson
4/4/17Paul Allen and another guy formed this company on this day in 1975Microsoft
4/3/17What year was the only season of the TV Show "Planet of the Apes"?1974

3/31/17What 1970's sitcom would you find the Characters Gabe Kotter, Julie Kotter, Michael Woodman, Vincent "Vinnie" Barbarino, Arnold Dingfelder Horshack, Freddie Percy "Boom Boom" Washington, and Juan Luis Pedro Felipo de Huevos Epstein"Welcome back Kotter"
3/30/17Name the movie that won the Best Picture Oscar in 1992."Silence Of The Lambs"
3/29/17What Jack Nicholson movie received the best Picture Oscar on this day in 1976? One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
3/28/17What cut of meat was used in Lady Gaga's famous meat dress?Flank Steak
3/27/17What movie when "Best Picture" at the Oscars on March 27, 1995?Forrest Gump
3/24/17The first telephone call between these two cities took place on this day in 1883.New York and Chicago
3/23/17What did Patrick Henry say on March 23, 1775?"Give me liberty or give me death".
3/21/17On this date in 1935, Persia changed it's name to what?Iran
3/20/17Carl Reiner has appeared with all six hosts on what show?The Tonight Show
3/17/17Where was the first St. Patrick's Day parade held in the U.S.?New York City in 1762
3/16/17She plead guilty to the felony attack on her fellow ice skater on this day in 1994....Tonya Harding (who had a hand in the attack of Nancy Kerrigan)
3/15/17Judd Hirsch is 82 today. Name his character on "Taxi". Alex Reiger
3/14/17The FBI Starting doing this on March 13, 1950.Publishing the "Ten Most Wanted" list
3/9/17Barbie was introduced to the world on March 9, 1959. What year was the Ken Doll introduced?1961
3/8/17Name the members of the Monkees Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork and Davy Jones.
3/7/17Daniel J. Travanti is 77 today. What was his charterer's name on "Hill Street Blues" Capt. Frank Furillo
3/6/17A chemist at the Bayer Company in Germany patented THIS on this day in 1899Asprin
3/3/17What city was the setting for "Married With Children"?Chicago
3/2/17Who signed a contract worth $70,000 on this day in 1927, making him the richest player in MLB at the time?Babe Ruth
3/1/17How many days are there between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday?46
2/28/17Name Frank Bonner's character on "WKRP" Herb Tarlek (the slimy sales guy)