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“The Gathering Place” Offers Another Event Venue in Manchester

“The Gathering Place” Offers Another Event Venue in Manchester

Manchester has a new venue to hold receptions, parties and other events. It’s called The Gathering Place. Owners Don and Kathy McCurdy have opened it in their former Main Street Market location on the north end of town. Don says they’ve worked hard to transform the old grocery store into an event center. The Gathering Place

Funke Celebrates 25 Years At Del-Clay

An Edgewood family recently celebrated 25 years in business.  Jay Funke, who took over Del-Clay Farm Equipment in 1992, says he’s seen many changes in that time: Funke anticipates those changes to continue, and says his business will continue to keep up: Originally opening in 1947, the business has served several generations: Funke has lived

Easter Egg Hunts Planned for Saturday

GNB will host its 15th annual Easter Egg Hunt in Manchester this Saturday morning. The Easter Egg Hunt starts at 10 am at Tirrill Park. And GNB’s Lea Ann Smith suggests getting there early. Eggs filled with candy and toys will be spread from the tennis courts to the Tirrill Park band shell. And there