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LemonadeStand Aug2015

Kids’ Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Good Neighbor Society

Kids’ Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Good Neighbor Society

Lemonade stands are a common way for kids to raise a little money during their summer vacation, but a group of Manchester kids took the idea one step further recently. The group of children, who live near Pin Oaks Pub Links and Event Center, collected and cleaned some wayward golf balls and then opened up

Trump Brings Presidential Campaign to Dubuque

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told a huge crowd in Dubuque Tuesday night they are part of the “silent majority” that has catapulted him to the top of the polls — and he made a plea for them to stick with him when the voting starts five months from now. The crowd cheered Trump’s vow


Woodward Communications Acquiring Manchester Press

A local newspaper is being acquired by a Dubuque-based company. Woodward Communications announced Wednesday that it will acquire the Manchester Press from News Publishing of Black Earth, Wisconsin. The Manchester Press will become part of the WCI’s Community Media Division, joining five other weekly newspapers and five free-distribution papers. The corporations owns two other local

Bed bug or bedbug infestation concept as a magnification close up of parasitic insect pests on a pillow and the sheets as a hygiene symbol and metaphor for inspection and danger of bloodsucking parasites living inside a mattress.

Increase In Bedbug Cases In Eastern Iowa

DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) – Pest control companies say they’re seeing an increase in bedbug cases in eastern Iowa. The pesky, blood-sucking bugs don’t carry diseases but can cause painful bites. They often come out to feed at night and hide during the day in the crevices of mattresses and furniture. Jeff Voss of Voss Pest

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Independence Installs Second Visitor’s Information Kiosk

Independence’s second Visitor’s Information Kiosk is now up and running at the Heartland Acres Agribition Center. The kiosk features local retail, dining, and entertainment options in Independence to assist visitors in discovering Independence and the amenities it has to offer. Last December, the Independence Area Chamber of Commerce received an anonymous donation in the amount of

bacon n hops

Manchester Hosting New Bacon-N-Hops Festival

The Manchester Chamber will host its first-ever Bacon-N-Hops Festival this Saturday. Event organizer Doris Sherman says if you’re a bacon lover, you’ll want to check it out. And committee member Donna Boss says they’ll have plenty of craft beer samples there, too. The Delaware County Madco Home Brewers will be there giving samples and demonstrating how to

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