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For three weeks October 4th through the 22nd, we’ll call a farmer on their cell phone around 9:30 am and if they answer their phone by saying “KMCH, Bring Me My Lunch” – that’s exactly what we’ll do! We’ll deliver lunch for four from one of our area restaurants right to their farm or field!

Sponsored by Simon’s Grain and Feed

Bring Me My Lunch

Day 14 Winner – Adam Hamlett of Manchester


Day 13 Winner – Logan Kruse of Petersburg

Day 12 Winner – Kevin Klosterman of Greeley


Day 11 Winner – Scott Crowley of Ryan



Day 10 Winner – Jim Drummy of Ryan


Day 9 Winner – Nancy & Jeff Manternach of Masonville


Day 8 Winner – Tony Helmrichs of Ryan


Day 7 Winner – Steve Woeste of Greeley


Day 6 Winner – Terry Knipper of Hopkinton


Day 5 Winner – Larry Swanson of Manchester

Day 4 Winner – Tony Funke of Manchester


Day 3 Winner – Rose Ronnebaum of Edgewood

Day 2 Winner – Dan Lahr of Manchester


Day 1 Winner – Tom Wulfekuhle of Greeley