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Manchester Woman Arrested for Assaulting Husband

A Manchester woman has been arrested for assaulting her husband.

Manchester Police say they received a 911 call last Thursday from a witness who reported 54-year old Sanders Malone was assaulted by his wife, 46-year old Felita Malone. The witness said Felita hit her husband in the eyebrow with a bottle of vodka, causing him to bleed.

The witness said Felita then went to the kitchen and returned with a knife, advancing towards Sanders. Police say the witness was able to keep her from assaulting Sanders with the knife. When officers arrived, they found Felita with a knife in the backyard of the couple’s apartment on Ludland Drive. Officers were able to take her into custody without incident.

Felita Malone faces several charges, including Domestic Assault, Domestic Assault While Displaying a Weapon and Going Armed with Intent.

Both husband and wife were charged with violating a no-contact order.

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