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Delaware County Caucus Night 2020

Caucus Night 2020 is in the books… but who won the Democratic Caucus is still up in the air.

Reporting issues last night within the Iowa Democratic Party made it difficult for local chairs to report their numbers, leading to frustrations across the state.

But enthusiasm was strong earlier in the night at the twelve caucus sites around Delaware County, with caucus-goers at Manchester’s Ward One location arriving at Lambert Elementary’s Commons with a specific candidate in mind. Forty-five caucus-goers split up in groups to show support for Buttigieg, Bernie, Biden, Warren and Klobuchar. There was just one undecided caucus-goer – and after the precinct captains spent a few minutes trying to convince him to join their side, he ultimately chose to support Warren.

Sharie Kernan of Manchester was a precinct captain for Elizabeth Warren.

Manchester resident Larry Peter was there to support Warren.

He says healthcare and social security are important to him and his wife, but his main concern is how the country is being run right now.

Pete Buttigieg had the most support in Manchester Ward One. Precinct Captain Dennis Geesaman of Manchester told KMCH he’s seen Mayor Pete speak four times – including this past weekend in Dubuque – and thinks he would bring a calming presence to the White House.

Bernie Sanders had a good showing too. Manchester resident Amy Bennett was serving as a first-time precinct captain supporting Sanders.

Bennett says she used to be one of those people who didn’t participate in the caucuses, but her mindset has changed.

Many of the caucus-goers have had a chance to see the presidential candidates in person, with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren both in Manchester just a month ago. Biden’s visit impressed Manchester residents Leann and Rex Vandyke.


The Vandykes were caucusing for Biden last night.

But it wasn’t just about the Democrats last night… Republicans caucused too, with overwhelming support for President Donald Trump. Manchester resident Patrick Henry was there proudly wearing his red “Make America Great Again” hat.

Of the 147 Republicans gathered at West Delaware’s upper gym, only four supported the two other Republican candidates running – Joe Walsh and Bill Weld. Delaware County Republican Chair Roger Helmrichs thinks most Republicans in the county are supportive of President Trump.

Shannon Payne was at the Republican Caucus last night serving as precinct chair for Adams and Hazel Green Townships.

Susan Andregg says she was happy to see the next generation of voters take interest in the caucus:

And for both caucuses, it was about more than just choosing a presidential preference – they took care of local matters too. Doug Robins was on hand representing Manchester’s Third Ward for the Delaware County Republican Central Committee.

Delaware County Democratic Chair Buzz Pounds told KMCH he hoped to have the countywide results by 4:30 pm Tuesday. We are able to tell you the results of Manchester’s five precincts (Delaware, Milo/Prairie and Wards 1, 2 and 3) – Buttigieg had the most support with 16 delegates, followed by Warren and Klobuchar each with 14, Biden with 11, Sanders with 3 and Steyer with 2.


Democratic Caucus photos courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH and Republican Caucus photos courtesy of Rob Edwards/KMCH

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