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McClure Identifies Four Priority Projects for Manchester

Manchester has identified four projects that will be top priority heading into the near future.

Last year, the community partnered with a placemaking team from a firm called McClure to continue turning Manchester from good to great.

McClure’s Vice Principal of Economic Development Alex Pearlstein (STEEN) says they conducted a visioning session in the community last spring, challenging everyone to dream big about what they’d like to have in Manchester.

Over the past several months, they’ve reviewed those dozens of ideas and determined what was feasible, with the steering committee prioritizing projects. And Pearlstein says housing came out on top.

Branding and marketing was second on the list.

The third priority project for Manchester is an entrepreneurship center.

And the fourth project… enhanced indoor recreation.

Pearlstein says the next step is implementing these projects, which will be done similar to how Good to Great operated, with committees formed for each project.

If you’d like to get involved or if you’d like more information on the four priority projects McClure identified for Manchester and the process moving forward, check out


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