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Manchester Police Change Residency Requirements

Manchester police officers can now live more than ten miles out of town.

The City’s employee handbook had always required that police officers live in the city limits or within ten miles of the police station.

But the City is dropping that requirement in an effort to recruit officers.

Two Manchester police officers – including K-9 Officer, recently left the department to work for the City of Dyersville. Dyersville dropped their residency requirements earlier this year and increased officers’ pay to attract new employees.

Manchester city officials say they are also considering higher wages for their officers to attract qualified candidates to the job.

Police Chief Jim Hauschild says over twelve applicants have already applied. He says the new residency requirement shouldn’t be an issue because the department still has numerous officers who live within the city limits and can respond to emergencies if assistance is needed.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH


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