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Governor Reynolds Recommends Closing Iowa Schools for Four Weeks

Governor Kim Reynolds is recommending that Iowa schools close for four weeks.

State public health officials were notified on Sunday of four additional positive cases of COVID-19 — and public health investigators were unable to determine how two of those Iowans got the virus. It’s more confirmation that what’s called “community spread” is happening here.

Reynolds recorded and released a video message Sunday. She’ll hold a news conference today. Her decision on school closures is a reversal from Saturday night, when Reynolds told reporters schools should make those decisions on a case-by-case basis. Now, Reynolds is recommending that all Iowa schools close for a month.

Reynolds says during this emergency, state officials aim to help Iowa parents with child care, although she has not shared the details of what’s being planned. Arrangements are being made to provide meals to low-income students.

Twenty-two positive cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Iowa. Two of the cases identified Sunday are related to international travel. Both are residents of Allamakee County — one is middle aged and the other is under the age of 18.  The third case identified Sunday is a Johnson County resident, but the person was NOT on the Egyptian cruise that led to other cases in Johnson County and investigators do not know how the person contracted COVID-19. The fourth individual is a middle-aged Polk County resident and, again, public health officials do not know how they got the virus.


story courtesy of Radio Iowa


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