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Delaware County Courthouse to Remain Open – For Now

In consideration of public health concerns over the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and community-wide efforts to slow
its spread, Delaware County is implementing MINIMAL TO MODERATE mitigation activities with respect to the level
of community transmission or impact of COVID-19 in accordance with information provided by the Iowa Department of
Public Health.

County facilities will be open during regular business hours; however, access will be limited. The information below
identifies an initial limited access policy which is subject to change at any time.

Any person with COVID-19 symptoms should refrain from entering any public building. At this time, self-monitoring is
required for members of the public as well as county employees. Stay home if you are ill or experiencing any symptoms.
Social distancing measures such as increasing the space between workers and the public and decreasing social contacts in
the workplace have now been implemented. Hand shaking is highly discouraged. Everyone should wash hands thoroughly
before entering any county facility and periodically throughout the day. Hand sanitizers should be made available in all
county offices. Office/workspace areas should be sanitized at least daily.

Individuals should consider contacting county offices/departments via the telephone or e-mail or conducting business
online if possible before visiting the facility. At this time, specific office/department services are as follows:

Assessor – Informal hearings regarding protest for property values start April 2, 2020 and will be held as scheduled. Board
of Review hearings starting May 1, 2020 will be held as scheduled but may be subject to change. Applications for
Homestead Tax Credit, Disabled Veteran’s Homestead Credit, Military Service Tax Exemption, Business Property Tax
Credit, Family Farm Credit, and any other credits and /or exemptions should be obtained through the Iowa Department of
Revenue’s website or by contacting the County Assessor at (563) 927-2526 or dlett@co.delaware.ia.us and should be filed
by mail.

Attorney – Offices will be closed to walk-in traffic. Please call (563) 927-3819 to speak with an attorney or to schedule an

Auditor – Nomination papers for the June 2nd Primary Election and November 3rd General Election will be accepted in the
office. Requesting an absentee ballot by mail for the Primary Election is strongly encouraged. Voter Registration is
recommended to be conducted by mail, online through the Iowa Dept of Transportation Driver’s License website or the

Iowa Secretary of State’s website. Fiscal year 20/21 City and School Budgets will be accepted in the office as usual. For
now, new passport applications will continue to be processed in the office by appointment only. Any questions should be
directed to the county auditor by phone at (563) 927-4701, by e-mail at cbecker@co.delaware.ia.us or on the county’s
website at www.co.delaware.ia.us.

Community Services/General Assistance/Veteran Affairs – Please call (563) 927-5116 or visit the county’s website at

Clerk of Court (State Office) – Please call (563) 927-4942 for court-related services.

Conservation – The Natural Center is currently closed to the public. For questions or concerns, please call
(563) 927-3410.

Emergency Management – Please call (563) 927-3723 with any questions or concerns.

Engineer/Secondary Roads Dept – The Engineer’s Office will be closed to the public. However, most services can be
addressed by phone rather than in person. Please call (563) 927-3505.

Water Well/Sanitarian – Please call (563) 927-5925 with any questions or concerns.

Recorder – Public access to land records and vital records stored in the Recorder’s vault is not allowed, therefore no
genealogy searches or unnecessary land record searches may be performed until further notice. Land records may be
accessed at www.iowalandrecords.org from 1982 to the present. Vital records such as marriage, birth & death certificates
are available by mail or by calling VitalCheck at (866) 809-0290. DD214 records may be accessed through the mail with
proper identification. Boat, snowmobile and ATV/UTV license renewals can be performed by mail. Hunting and Fishing
licenses can be performed online at https://www.iowadnr.gov/. Call (563) 927-4665 or email
dschindler@co.delaware.ia.us for more information.
Sheriff – Inmate visitation is shut down for the time being. Most information can be taken care of over the phone; however,
if you need to physically come into the building, please do so at a later date. For questions, please call (563) 927-3135 or
visit our Facebook Page for more information. In case of an emergency, DIAL 911.

Supervisors – Currently, Monday Board of Supervisor meetings are held at 1:15 pm and will continue as scheduled. Special
meetings may be called as needed.

Treasurer – Property tax and vehicle renewal registration payments should be mailed to the office or paid online at
www.iowatreasurers.org. Issuance of vehicle titles can be completed by mail after contacting the office by telephone. The
drivers’ license station will be closed. Many drivers can renew their driver’s license online at https://mymvd.iowadot.gov/
Please call (563) 927-2845 for more information.

Please visit the county’s website at www.co.delaware.ia.us for specific duties of each office or department.
While there has been no confirmed exposure or diagnosis of COVID-19 of any county employee or resident of Delaware
County, we will continue to monitor the situation. Please watch for updates through our local newspapers, local radio
station, the county website at www.co.delaware.ia.us, and county social media pages to stay informed on the situation.


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