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Fareway Rewarding Hourly Frontline Employees During COVID-19

Fareway will be rewarding its hourly frontline employees who have been working through the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company announced its Fareway Family Frontline Plan, which will provide cash bonuses and additional paid time-off to those hourly employees who have worked on the frontlines during these unprecedented last several weeks.

A one-time cash bonus will paid to hourly employees under 18. Part-time hourly employees 18 and over will receive an additional 20 hours of paid time-off and full-time hourly employees will received an additional 40 hours of paid time-off. Assistant managers and warehouse foremen will each receive an additional 47 hours of paid time-off.

This additional paid leave can be used for time-off or as a cash payment.

The bonuses Fareway will provide range up to $1,200 per employee. The corporate office will distribute the bonuses to qualifying hourly employees next Friday, April 3rd.


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