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Churches Celebrating Easter Differently Due to COVID-19

Christians will be celebrating Easter a little differently this year.

The Coronavirus has led to the cancellation of Masses and other gatherings in churches across the country, including here in eastern Iowa.

Reverend Dennis Quint is the Pastor at Spires of Faith, which includes St. Francis Xavier and several other Roman Catholic parishes in the Dyersville area. He says the changes brought on by the pandemic aren’t easy for some parishioners – especially during Holy Week.

Father Quint says the priests have also been reaching out to parishioners through phone calls.

And the kids are still feeling connected to the church during this time too.

Father Quint shared a special message while preaching to parishioners during the Holy Thursday service last night.

In Edgewood, the churches will be ringing the bells at 8 o’clock each night until Easter as a sign of faith and hope, with the bells tolling at 10 o’clock on Easter Sunday. And here on KMCH, we will be broadcasting several local church services throughout the weekend. You can check out the listing of those broadcast times on

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