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Maquoketa Valley Plans on Voluntary Learning During COVID-19 Closure

Maquoketa Valley has come up with a plan for learning during the rest of the COVID-19 school closure.

Superintendent Doug Tuetken says the district has submitted an application for voluntary learning. And he says there are several reasons they chose that option.

Tuetken says another reason they chose voluntary learning is because they are confident their MV seniors are prepared for the future

And Tuetken says he feels good about the learning going on at the elementary level too.

Maquoketa Valley’s middle school teachers are also reaching out on almost a daily basis so kids are prepared for next year. And teachers are working with kids on college level courses.

As for graduation, prom, senior awards and other events coming up this spring, Tuetken says they’ll wait to make plans until Governor Reynolds makes a decision later this week on what the rest of the school year may look like.


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