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Dozens of Semis Driving into Area Towns on Honor Cruise on Saturday

A line of semis will be making their way through Dubuque and Delaware counties on Saturday afternoon.

Greg Preussner is one of the organizers of Midwest Pride In Your Ride. The two-day Relay for Life fundraising event was supposed to take place this weekend in Earlville, but due to the pandemic, it was cancelled. So instead, they’ve decided to organize an honor cruise.

The Honor Cruise will be leaving Farley at 1 pm, making its way through fifteen towns across the area covering about 110 miles. He says they’ve estimated what time they’ll be driving through each community.

Like Preussner said, they’re estimating they’ll be in Manchester around 4 pm or a little after, coming into town from the north and heading past the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

Saturday’s Honor Cruise is open to any bob-tail truck, which is a semi without a trailer. He says they’ll be lining up at 12:30 pm at 300 Raceway in Farley.

We’ve posted a map of the route below. And we’ll be sharing a live video of the semis as they roll through Dyersville, so be sure to check out our KMCH Facebook page Saturday if you’re not able to watch the Honor Cruise yourself.


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