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Kendricks Spread Hope with Yard Signs in Edgewood and Local Communities

Signs spreading messages of hope have been popping up across area communities over the past several weeks.

The signs are from the Kendricks company in Edgewood. Kerra Boriskey manages the sign department for sales, marketing and production. She says when the Coronavirus pandemic started impacting the area, they wanted to come up with a way to lift the community’s spirits.

Each yard sign has a different message – ranging from “Be the Sunshine” to “Faith Over Fear” to “Hope Can Never Be Canceled”.

The signs are being displayed in communities across Delaware County and the surrounding area.

Kendricks have put around twelve to fifteen free signs in each community that has requested some. And over one hundred signs have been sold to individuals so far, raising over one thousand dollars for our local medical workers.

photos courtesy of The Markket/Kendricks


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