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Regional Medical Center Begins to Re-open Elective and Non-Essential Services

As some businesses in Delaware County begin to open back up, Regional Medical Center is doing the same.

Elective and non-essential surgeries and medical procedures were put on hold for several weeks during the pandemic to preserve personal protective equipment. Governor Reynolds has lifted that restriction, with RMC now moving forward with phase one of re-opening some services on a limited basis.

That’s Dr. Nicole Salow, who says she realizes some people are concerned about coming to the hospital or clinic for appointments during this pandemic, but she is confident in saying that it is safe.

Dr. Salow says if you put off going to the doctor for a routine visit or bringing your kids in for their well-child visits or immunizations while the restrictions were in place, you can look into rescheduling those appointments now.

But Dr. Salow says even though we are seeing a re-opening of services across the state, it’s important to remember this pandemic is not over. She says we should still remain diligent about protecting ourselves – washing your hands often, covering your coughs and sneezes with your elbow, avoiding group gatherings, keeping six feet from others and wearing a face covering in public.


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