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Manchester Highway 13 Project Progressing Well

Work is moving along on Manchester’s Highway 13 Street Improvement Project.

Fehr Graham says River Street will reopen prior to the Farmers Market kicking off Saturday. Next week, they’re anticipating to mill and surface West Main Street from the bridge to Franklin Street, with work beginning at the intersection of North Franklin and Seeley Street. They hope to have West Main Street paved by the end of the month.

Crews will not be working on Memorial Day Monday. On Tuesday, they’ll set up traffic control to close the Seeley Street intersection on Wednesday. Work there will last about three to four weeks.

Once the Seeley Street intersection work is done, they’ll proceed directly into work at the Acers Street intersection, which will take about 6 weeks.

The upcoming schedule can be found here:

Monday (Memorial Day)

No work.


Set up traffic control to close Stage 6 (Seeley Street intersection) on Wednesday morning.

Tuesday or Wednesday

Seeding to be completed on River Street and Stage 1 (west of bridge).


Close Stage 6 (Seeley St Intersection) and mill existing HMA on Stage 3 (W Main Street) and Stage 6 (Seeley St intersection).


Stage 3 (W Main Street) HMA paving. Plan to have W. Main paved by the end of the month. Pavement markings may be the first part of the following week.

Stage 6 (Seeley Street Intersection) is prosed to begin on Wednesday May 27th and will take 3 to 4 weeks. The section of North Franklin to be closed is from houses 940/941 on the south end through houses 1012/1009 on the north end. Following asphalt milling on Wednesday work will proceed to removals, fire hydrant relocate, storm sewer and then new curb, drives & sidewalks and paving.  From Stage 6 work will proceed directly into Stage 7 (Acers Street intersection) which will take about 6 weeks.

The primary detour of IA 13 using IA3, IA 38 and US 20 will remain in place through stages 6 and 7.  Local detour for Stage 6 is as follows and shown on the attached image.

South bound traffic will head east on Acers, south on New and then west on Clara back to Franklin. No parking will be posted along the entire route.

North bound traffic will east on Prospect, north on Sherman and then west on Acers back to Franklin. No parking will be posted along the entire route.


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