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Edgewood Locker Planning Expansion

The Edgewood Locker will be expanding in the next year or two – while also transitioning out of the catering and events center portion of their business.

Luke Kerns is one of six owners – and one of four who are 3rd generation owners. He says it’s a busy time at the Edgewood Locker. COVID-19 has impacted every segment of their business – and as the pandemic hit, more people were contacting them during this slow time of year wanting to book custom processing.

Kerns says their focus is to continue custom processing for the long haul, with plans to grow their capacity a bit. But the Edgewood Locker’s expansion will also focus on wholesale and retail too.

And as they looked into these building projects, they struggled to understand where catering fit into the Edgewood Locker.

Kerns says they’re hoping to break ground on the expansion early next year.

And the Edgewood Locker is looking to add at least twelve full-time employees once the expanded facility is complete, bringing their total number of full-time staff to over 65.


photo courtesy of Edgewood Locker


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