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Delaware County Public Health Coordinator Retires

Delaware County remains to have one of the lowest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in eastern Iowa.

There are currently just two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Delaware County. Both of those residents are isolating at home. And thirteen other residents have already recovered from the virus.

Delaware County Public Health Coordinator Delma Hardin says her department has kept in close contact with the confirmed cases over these past two months – and while all 15 residents have experience mild cases of the virus, some have experienced different symptoms than others.

Hardin says of those 15 positive cases, some have had connections to each other while others are random individual cases. And Delaware County residents have been tested for a variety of reasons.

Over 560 Delaware County residents have been tested for COVID-19 so far. And serology testing is now available too.

Life is starting to get back to normal in Delaware County – or beginning a new normal – as some businesses begin to reopen. And Hardin encourages everyone to withhold judgment during this difficult time for business owners and their employees.

Hardin says Delaware County has seen its share of infectious diseases over the years, but nothing quite like COVID-19.

Yesterday was Hardin’s last day with Delaware County Public Health. She is retiring after 35 years.

Delaware County Public Health Nurse Charity Loecke will replace Hardin as coordinator.


photo courtesy of Regional Medical Center


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