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Delaware County Fair Results Day Three

Wednesday of the 2020 Delaware County fair featured the 4-H and FFA Dairy show, and the Cow/Calf Show.

Results of the Dairy Show include:

Champion Dairy Goat—Khloe Glew

Reserve Champion Dairy Goat—Khloe Glew

Champion Intermediate Dairy Goat Showman—Mikayla Willenborg

Champion Junior Dairy Goat Showman—Cooper Eschen

Junior Champion Holstein—Natalie Besler

Reserve Junior Champion Holstein—Kaitlyn Besler

Junior Champion Ayrshire—Cael Cannon

Reserve Junior Champion Ayrshire—Chase Cannon

Junior Champion Brown Swiss—Carter Kruse

Reserve Junior Champion Brown Swiss—Lane Domeyer

Junior Champion Guernsey—Kate Brunsman

Reserve Junior Champion Guernsey—NONE

Junior Champion Jersey—Carter Kruse

Reserve Junior Champion Jersey—Lane Domeyer

Junior Champion Milking Shorthorn—Hailey Davis

Reserve Junior Champion Milking Shorthorn—Hailey Davis

Junior Champion Crossbred—Courtney Goedken

Reserve Junior Champion Crossbred—Courtney Goedken

Dairy Supreme Junior Champion—Carter Kruse

Reserve Dairy Supreme Junior Champion—Natalie Besler

2019 Dairy Quiz Bowl Team

Junior: Audrey Kruse(Captain), Tyler Hoeger, Ford Domeyer, Bianka Ronnebaum

Junior #2: Ashlyn Kruse(Captain), Addison Stoerp, Maleah Demmer

Intermediate: Lane Domeyer(Captain), Alia Domeyer, Courtney Goedken, Haley Ronnebaum

Intermediate #2: Sage Klostermann(Captain), Sydney Demmer, Katherine Comley

Senior: Amber Engelken(Captain), Lauren Goldsmith, Sarah Goedken, Tara Goedken

Senior #2: Carter Kruse(Captain), Abby Klostermann, Laney Demmer

2019 Dairy Judging Team

Junior: Alia Domeyer, Tyler Hoeger, Haley Ronnebaum, Isaiah Hammerand(Dubuque County)

Junior #2: Maleah Demmer, Ford Domeyer, Katherine Comley

Senior: Tehya Demmer, Carter Kruse, Mason Kruse, Laney Demmer

Senior #2: Amber Engelken, Sydney Demmer, Lane Domeyer, Grace Strief(Dubuque County)

Senior #3: Tara Goedken, Sarah Goedken, Courtney Goedken

2019 Dairy Record Book Senior: Mitch Heims

2019 Champion Herdsman: Brian Heims

2019 Reserve Champion Herdsman: Amber Engelken

Champion Holstein—Carter Kruse

Reserve Champion Holstein—Cael Cannon

Champion Ayrshire—Cael Cannon

Reserve Champion Ayrshire—Chase Cannon

Champion Brown Swiss—Carter Kruse

Reserve Champion Brown Swiss—Lane Domeyer

Champion Guernsey—Kate Brunsman

Reserve Champion Guernsey—NONE

Champion Jersey—Tara Goedken

Reserve Champion Jersey—Carter Kruse

Champion Milking Shorthorn—Hailey Davis

Reserve Champion Milking Shorthorn—Hailey Davis

Champion Crossbred—Mitch Heims

Reserve Champion Crossbred—Amber Engelken

Champion Dairy Supreme—Carter Kruse

Reserve Champion Dairy Supreme—Tara Goedken

Best Udder Cow in Show—Carter Kruse

Reserve Best Udder Cow in Show—Tara Goedken

First Place Holstein Dairy Herd—Bianka Ronnebaum

First Place Ayrshire Dairy Herd—NONE

First Place Brown Swiss Dairy Herd–NONE

First Place Guernsey Dairy Herd—NONE

First Place Jersey Dairy Herd—Carter Kruse

First Place Milking Shorthorn Dairy Herd—NONE

First Place Crossbred Dairy Herd—Mitch Heims

(New Vienna Mutual)

Champion Junior Showman—Natalie Besler

Reserve Champion Junior Showman—Ford Domeyer

Champion Intermediate Showman—Caden Kremer

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman—Kaitlyn Besler

Champion Senior Showman—Haley Ronnebaum

Reserve Champion Senior Showman—Lane Domeyer

Outstanding Dairy Exhibitors—Amber Engelken & Lauren Goldsmith

Senior Dairy Exhibitors-Future Dairy Promoter Award Winners

Amber Engelken

Lauren Goldsmith

Wednesday evening concluded with the Cow/Calf Exhibits.   Winners of the show included:

Champion Cow-Calf Under 2 Years of Age: Addison Krogmann

Reserve Champion Cow-Calf Under 2 Years of Age: Cooper Eschen

Champion Mature Cow-Calf: Logan Peyton

Reserve Champion Mature Cow-Calf: Ben Lueck

Thursday at the fair features the Bred & Raised, and Market Beef show. A full schedule of events can be found on our website.  We will be live streaming the Bred & Raised and Market Beef Show beginning at 8 am this morning on our Delaware County Iowa 4-H Facebook page!


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