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Senator Zumbach Helping Storm Victims in Linn County

State Senator Dan Zumbach of Ryan has been spending a lot of time in Linn County this past week, helping with the clean-up from last week’s storms.

Zumbach says many residents in his district were affected by the derecho, from County Home Road to Mount Vernon and several small towns in the northern half of Linn County.

And some of Zumbach’s personal property was affected by the storm too.

After the storm hit last Monday, Senator Zumbach called Governor Reynolds to give his personal account of how badly the storm impacted the Linn County area.

And while federal assistance is now in the works, Zumbach and fellow state legislator Louie Zumbach have been volunteering their time to help Linn County residents with storm clean-up. The two have been working this past week on removing tree debris and their wives have been helping to distribute food. They are among hundreds of volunteers working to make a difference. And Zumbach says Linn County storm victims have been so appreciative of the help.

Senator Zumbach thanks everyone in his district who has been helping Linn County storm victims.


photo courtesy of Senator Zumbach



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