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ATV/UTV Riders Encouraged to Complete Short Online Survey

If you’re interested in ATV/UTV use on Iowa’s highways, you may want to fill out a short survey that’s being offered right now.

State Representative Andy McKean from House District 58 plans to propose a bill in the Iowa legislature that would allow ATVs and UTVs to ride on all two-lane state highways, with the exception of express two lane highways and four lanes. Many counties have their own rules allowing ATV/UTV use on highways, but it varies from county to county – this would create rules more uniform throughout the state. It would require the purchase of a license plate through the DOT to ride on state highways.

A group of UTV/ATV riders in Iowa are helping Representative McKean gather data on the demographics of ATV and UTV riders. They’re also gathering data on the boost in tourism dollars that rural communities could see from allowing those types of vehicles to ride on state highways.

You can fill out the short survey online – it’s available through Sunday. Here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc0CMlxNU6NLbFgeC6gPK6Vl9SGa7or-cqfS2XvQCmX1CVR1w/viewform


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