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Delaware County Public Health Transitioning COVID Contact Tracing to State

Delaware County Public Health announced Tuesday that they’ll be transitioning their contact tracing to the state.

With the county’s significant increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases, Delaware County Public Health has decided to transfer the initial response and contact tracing to the Iowa Department of Public Health to ensure a more sustainable response effort to the pandemic.

The change goes into effect Friday. The Iowa Department of Public Health will make the initial phone call to positive COVID cases and those people identified through contact tracing. This phone call will cover important information that people need to know about testing positive and will review who they had physical contact with prior to the positive test. The Iowa Department of Public Health will then refer residents to Delaware County Public Health if they need more help and resources. Health officials say it is very important that residents answer these contact tracing phone calls, which will be coming from non-local phone numbers.

RMC Chief Operating Officer Amy Mensen says transitioning Delaware County Public Health’s contact tracing to the state will give them their local team the time and resources to focus on Delaware County residents who need help in all public health areas – not just COVID related concerns.


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