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Jesup School Bus Driver Charged with O.W.I.

A school bus driver for the Jesup Community School District faces several charges after he was allegedly drunk on the job last month.

62 year old James Dale Stockwell of Jesup, was arrested on Tuesday morning and charged with first-offense operating while intoxicated and 16 counts of child endangerment.

The Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office said it received a report from parents on September 9th that said Stockwell was operating the bus in an unsafe way.  Children on the bus said that the vehicle was swerving and hit a mailbox, and Stockwell “seemed drunk”.

A parent was able to stall and keep the bus at a stop in the 2800 block of Benson Shade Gove Avenue while law enforcement officials arrived.

Stockwell was also charged with Unsafe Backing.


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