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Edgewood Locker Announces New Owners of Event Center & Catering Business

The Edgewood Locker has sold their event center and catering business.

The owners of Café Rose and Pie-Eyed & Flakey are purchasing that side of the business, which officially goes into effect on November 1st. The new event center and catering business will be called Edgewood Events & Catering.

Events already booked at the Edgewood Locker Event Center in 2020 and 2021, as well as any catering events, have not been cancelled. Those customers will be contacted to discuss the transition to the new business.

The Edgewood Locker announced this spring they had planned to transition out of the catering and event center business so they could focus on the expansion of their custom processing, retail meat and wholesale meat.

The Edgewood Locker says they will continue to offer meat options for special events that can be picked up cold at the Edgewood Locker. Edgewood Events & Catering will be providing the non-meat options.

Anyone interested in booking a catering event or an event at the Edgewood Event Center can contact Rosie Totman at Café Rose at 928-6908 or email caferose@iowatelecom.net or contact Marge Rhines at Pie-Eyed & Flakey at 928-7458 or email pieshop@windstream.net.


photo courtesy of Edgewood Locker


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