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Manchester City Council Meeting Recap

The Manchester City Council met Monday night.

The Council discussed the findings of a review for Adam Schulte’s manure management plan. Schulte has proposed to build a new hog confinement facility that would house just under 2,500 head of hogs a quarter mile north of Honey Creek Road – that’s three-eighths of a mile away from the Manchester city limits. His plans have been met by opposition from the City, as well as neighbors and residents, with over 460 people signing a petition against the project. City Manager Tim Vick:

The review found that the main concern was the volume of potential manure generated on site, noting it could add up to over one million gallons of manure each year – more than the 638,000 gallons in Schulte’s plan. Wicks says an additional 36 acres would be need to apply the manure. The City says Schulte has stated that he has additional locations to land apply the manure adjacent to the proposed site. Vick says with the way the law is written, there’s still nothing the City can do to stop the confinement feeding operation from being built.

Council member Dean Sherman has suggested that the City meet with Schulte to show him the long-term plans for the city’s growth, with hopes that he may find it more valuable to develop housing in that area than a hog confinement facility.

In other Manchester City Council news, the council approved rezoning the fire station property at 400 East Main Street from R-4 Multi-Family Residential District to CBD Central Business District – that will bring all parcels owned by the City around the fire station into the same zoning district. No one spoke for or against it at the public hearing.

And the City says the East Main Street project is running behind schedule.

They’re estimating another ten working days left (or about two weeks) before that project wraps up.


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