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New Youth Baseball Tournament Experience Coming to Dyersville in 2021

Young baseball players from across the country will have the opportunity to play in a unique baseball tournament in Dyersville next year.

All-Star Ballpark Heaven is collaborating with Baseball Factory to offer an experience called the “Baseball Factory Iowa Dreams Experience”.

Beginning in 2021, they’ll host games at the City of Dyersville complexes, with teams and their families getting the opportunity to experience nightly public festivities at the Field of Dreams Movie Site.

The Baseball Factory Iowa Dreams Experience will be open to kids ages 9 through 12, with vintage 1919 baseball apparel included in each player’s tournament package. It will be offered for 25 weeks, spanning from May through October, with five-day summer tournaments held Wednesdays through Sundays and three-day weekend spring and fall tournaments taking place Fridays through Sundays.

Dyersville City Administrator Mick Michel says he’s confident these youth tournaments will be a welcome addition to the community and will also generate additional tourism dollars for local businesses.

More details can be found by visiting TeamOneBaseball.com. Early-bird special discounts are available for teams or players who register by November 15th.


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