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Delaware County’s COVID-19 Positivity Rate Highest in Iowa

Delaware County’s COVID-19 positivity rate is now the highest in the state.

Health officials say that means the virus has been spreading here faster in the past two weeks than any other county in Iowa.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Iowa Department of Public Health was reporting Delaware County’s positivity rate at 22%. Clayton and Dubuque counties are also above that 15% threshold at 15.4%, with Buchanan County at 11.1%, Jones at 10%, Linn at 8.8% and Fayette County at 7.7%.

Delaware County reported its 13th COVID-19 death on Tuesday. The county also reached 800 positive cases on Tuesday – nearly twice as many cases as Buchanan, Jones, Fayette and Clayton counties – with twenty new cases reported since Monday.

The Delaware County Board of Health says the health of our community depends on the actions of our community. They are asking everyone – all businesses and community members – to please mask up to help slow the spread.

The Board of Health says right now, the best way to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 is by wearing a face mask. Health officials say it reduces the number of droplets you expel into the air during everyday activities, such as talking, sneezing, singing, cheering or yelling – and these droplets are largely what spreads the COVID-19 virus.

The Board of Health says learning about this new virus will take time and that we will continue to learn more in the months to come.


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