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East Main Street Re-opens in Manchester

The City of Manchester has some good news about the East Main Street Project…

That’s City Manager Tim Vick. The East Main Street project involved reconstructing the street, installing new water main and extending sanitary sewer, as well as adding sidewalks on both sides of the street. The southern half of the McCarren intersection still needs to be poured, as well as some sidewalks and a couple more driveways – and Vick says they’re trying to get the concrete contractor back in by Thursday to do more paving.

The project started August 3rd and was only expected to take about 35 working days to complete, with hopes to wrap up by the end of September  – however, it’s running about a month behind schedule. Vick says they lost a lot of workable days when ten inches of rain fell over the course of one week back in mid-September.

Vick says traffic can get through the East Main Street area, but keep in mind it is still a construction zone – be cautious and aware of construction activity and vehicles in the area.


photo courtesy of Janelle Tucker/KMCH


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