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Monticello Schools Temporarily Moving to Online Learning

The Monticello Community School District is temporarily moving to online learning.

COVID numbers have been on the rise in Jones County this past week. With Monticello’s positivity rate at around 31% and Jones County’s positivity rate at around 43%, Superintendent Brian Jaeger has been monitoring the COVID situation very closely. Monticello schools currently have a 5.2% absentee rate, with over 140 students out for COVID-related reasons. And he says most concerning is the fact that Monticello Schools currently have 34 staff members out for COVID-related reasons.

So Jaeger says they’ve made the decision to switch Monticello Schools to online learning this Thursday and Friday. Jaeger says they are applying to the state to extend their temporary online learning through November 24th. They plan to resume in-person classes following Thanksgiving break on November 30th if it is safe to do so at that time.


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