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Linn County Issues Mask Mandate, Closing Some County Buildings to Public

Linn County has issued a mask mandate, which goes into effect today.

Face coverings are now mandatory in public places throughout Linn County whenever six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained. The Linn County Board of Health recommended the face covering regulation, with the Supervisors unanimously approving it Wednesday.

In addition to the mask mandate, Linn County is also once again closing most of their facilities to the public due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. Such county buildings as the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, Linn County Correctional Center and Juvenile Detention Center will close to the public, as well as the Community Services Building, Secondary Road Department, Wickiup Hill Learning Center, Jean Oxley Linn County Public Service Center, Dr. Percy and Lileah Harris Building and the Conservation lodges in Linn County parks. Those closures go into effect today. Linn County residents can still access the facilities that are closed to the public online or by phone, email and mail. There are also drop boxes outside the County buildings. The Linn County Courthouse will remain open with normal operating hours – however, restrictions are in place that limit entry to the courthouse.

Meanwhile, Delaware County is continuing to operate as normal. There are no Delaware County facilities currently closed to the public because of COVID-19. And the courthouse is open with normal operating hours.

While Dubuque County’s mask mandate went into effect on Wednesday and Linn County’s mask mandate is going into effect today, Delaware County has not formally discussed a mask mandate. Supervisor Jeff Madlom tells KMCH they have not been approached by Delaware County Public Health or the County Board of Health with a request to implement a countywide mask mandate, though both organizations are urging residents to mask up. Madlom says they do have a sign on the entrance doors of the Delaware County Courthouse requesting that visitors wear a mask – and he says most people have been respecting that request.

In Dyersville, the City Council is showing their support for the use of face coverings during the pandemic. The Council approved a resolution of support on Monday night, encouraging residents to follow County and State guidelines.

Even for counties without a mask mandate, masks are still required at all indoor public places. The Governor announced a statewide limited mask mandate in her live address to Iowans on Monday night. The governor says masks must be worn indoors if you are not able to social distance for more than 15 minutes.

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