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Officials Say Iowa May Run Out of Convalescent Plasma by Early December

Earlier this week, we told you about the need for convalescent plasma to help treat COVID patients.

Officials now say Iowa may run out of convalescent plasma by December 1st and they’re urging Iowans who’ve recovered from the virus to donate. Christine Hayes is chief operating officer of LifeServe Blood Center in Des Moines.

Hayes says every blood donor at her agency is screened to see if they have COVID antibodies, indicating they had the virus and recovered — and could donate plasma as a treatment for those currently ill.

The rest comes from people who’ve recovered, know that their plasma could be used to treat others, and are making a donation. One donation can yield up to four “doses” of convalescent plasma.

There are blood centers that pay people to donate plasma, but current protocols only allow plasma donated by volunteers to be used for transfusions to COVID patients. According to the Mayo Clinic, convalescent plasma therapy may help people recover from COVID-19 by reducing the severity or shortening the duration of the disease.

Regional Medical Center in Manchester is asking anyone who has recovered from COVID to help with this effort. Visit the American Red Cross website to sign up to donate your convalescent plasma.


story contribution courtesy of Radio Iowa

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