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Delaware County 4-H Congratulates Several Award Winners

The Delaware County 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Banquet was supposed to be held last night, but due to COVID guidelines, the event had to be cancelled.

And although they were unable to celebrate in person this year, the Delaware County 4-H program extends a heartfelt thank you to all their volunteers – and they congratulate this year’s award winners.

The “I Dare You” award recognizes the most outstanding 4-H member for their excellence in character, balanced personal development and qualities of constructive leadership. This year’s recipient was Kieran Monaghan of the Delaware Hustlers 4-H Club.

This year’s 4-H Alumni Award was awarded to Jeannie Domeyer, a 4-H alum from Dubuque County. As the Delaware County Fair Manager, Domeyer plays an essential role in the success of the 4-H program and she volunteers her time helping the county’s dairy judging team.

Kurt Palmer was selected as the recipient of the Honorary 4-H Member Award. Palmer is currently the president of the Delaware County Fair Board. He has been involved in multiple building and barn renovations to help ensure that 4-H youth have a good facility to share their work.

The Meritorious Service to 4-H Award was awarded to Mike and Megan Loecke with Old 20 Auctions. Mike has been involved in conducting livestock auctions at the Delaware County Fair for years – and at the 2020 fair, Mike and Megan offered their virtual sale services to support the youth in selling their animals.

Marv and David Waterhouse of Manchester Livestock Auction were the recipients of the Distinguished 4-H Service Award. From their start in December of 1983, the Manchester Livestock Auction facility was made available for weighing in 4-H calves for the Delaware County Fair. Marv and Dave have also volunteered their auctioneering services at the fair and housed the fair animals for free and helped in the process of selling the animals at the sale barn.

And several volunteers were honored for their years in the 4-H program as club leaders, project leaders and Youth Committee members. Five year volunteers were presented the Award of the Silver Clover, including Carly Recker, Cam Schulte, Debra Prier and Carmen Knipper. The Award of the Gold Clover for ten years of service went to Kurt Knipper. Dianne Recker received the Pearl Clover award for 15 years of service. The Award of the Ruby Clover for 30 years of service was awarded to Kathy Hutchinson and Steve Schwietert. Shirley Helmrichs received the Award of the 5 Point Diamond Clover for 40 years of service. And JoAnn Kruse was awarded the Award of the Clover for 45 years of service.

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