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Delaware County COVID-19 Case Count Update

Delaware County’s number of active COVID-19 cases is up again this week, but the increase in active cases is not as high as in the past few weeks.

Delaware County Public Health reported Monday that 569 Delaware County residents currently have COVID-19 – that’s slightly higher than last week’s number of 531 active cases.

It brings the total number of positive cases in Delaware County to 1,348 – an increase of 144 new cases this past week (slightly lower than the increase of 156 new cases reported the previous week). Nearly eight percent of the county’s population has now tested positive since April (up from seven percent last week).

Three more Delaware County residents have died due to COVID since last Monday, bringing the total number of deaths in the county to 21.

Seven residents in Delaware County are currently hospitalized, while the others are recovering at home. Hospitalizations are higher in most surrounding counties, with Linn County at 85, Dubuque County 58, Jones County 20, Buchanan County 17 and Clayton County 14. Fayette County has seven residents hospitalized.

Delaware County’s positivity rate was at 23.9% on Monday. Jones County still has the state’s highest positivity rate at 37.5%. Clayton County has the state’s 10th highest positivity rate at 27%, Buchanan County is 21.8%, both Linn and Dubuque counties are around 20% and Fayette County’s rate is at 18.2%.

The majority of cases are community spread. Delaware County Public Health says everyone needs to become a part of the solution in slowing the spread of COVID-19 – avoid gatherings for more than 15 people, keep six feet distance from others, wear a face mask when in public, stay home when you can, wash your hands frequently, stay home when you are ill (even mildly sick) and get your flu shot.

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